Farm Use of the Computer

Programs for Internal Use (Word, Excel, Access, Quicken, Redwing, etc.)

  • Recordkeeping (Financial and Production)

Dairy/Livestock Financial Workbook (Excel file)
Vegetable or Diversified Financial Workbook (Excel file)

The Farm Financials Workbooks were created by Ela Chapin and Ethan Parke at the VT Housing and Conservation Board, with assistance and contributions from UVM Extension and the Vermont Farm Viability Program’s network of service providers. Special thanks go to Alan Curler, Dennis Kauppila, Tony Kitsos, Steve Paddock, Glenn Rogers, and Rosalie Wilson, who provided helpful feedback and great suggestions along the way.

Communication –,, etc.
  • Email
  • Texting
  • Video conference
  • Facebook (web 2.0)
Researching – how do you look for credible information?
Domain Name System
.edu = educational institutions (K-12, college, university, etc.)
.org = non-profit institutions (mostly)
.us = state and local governments (mostly)
.gov = only government
.mil = military
.c0m = commercial
net = commercial or business = Extension’s national site
Find a State Extension
search for certain types of sites use site:edu all sites found will end in .edu
search for research information google  >more >scholars

Here is the recording from our last webinar about Air Sealing (presented by Bill Robinson).






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